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Finding cause to work in every way possible

"A dream that goes on"

Commonly known as the happy hormone, Dopamine is a chemical in our body which plays an important role in how we feel pleasure. It's a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan.

As the name suggests, Dopamine Foundation is a platform which works closely with those in need and their families to support them embrace happiness during their journeys of life.  These mostly include women and children affected by lack of health facilities and education facilities.


We organize events to raise awareness of the work that we’re doing at Dopamine Foundation and also to fundraise so that we can continue to offer all of our programs and services completely free of charge to anyone in need.

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Our Story

The Dopamine Foundation views every developmental challenge as an opportunity to craft initiatives that can enhance the lives of our community members. Through various initiatives and programs, the foundation strives to address key challenges and improve the well-being of individuals within our community.


By implementing our thought process at ground level and collaborating with various stakeholders, the Dopamine Foundation aims to create meaningful and sustainable impact, ultimately fostering positive change and empowerment for all.

Meet The Team

Our team comprises of awesome volunteers across the country who devote their time and energy to ease someone else’s life. Anyone can be a part of Team Dopamine.  All it takes is your commitment to make a difference and enthusiasm to get your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours on board to support the Dopamine’s mission.

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